Top 5 Uttarakhandi Dishes for Food Lovers

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Uttarakhandi Dishes for Food Lovers

Did you know that Indian cuisine is world-renowned for its unique combination of spices and delectable flavors? Yes! The delectable flavors entice visitors from all over the world. In fact, people frequently visit India to sample the flavors of such smells.

Among the many Indian states, Uttarakhand is one that offers something extra – from delectable to inventive savory – and should be recognized for its great delicacy and delicate tastes.

Uttarakhand is well-known for its scenic beauty and culinary delights. From main course items to dessert dishes, every meal in Uttarakhand speaks for itself.

Bhang ki Chutney

So on that note, now let’s talk about the top 5 Uttarakhandi dishes, which are just as captivating as the state itself.

The name must have piqued your interest, but what better than this? As the name implies, Bhang Ki Chutney is all about the tangy tamarind flavor.

For those who are still unsure what it tastes like, it is a sauce produced from a combination of spices and seasonings. Undoubtedly, it improves the flavor of other foods, plus its aroma and tart flavor last longer than you’d anticipate.

Hemp seeds are the main ingredient, and they contribute significantly to the dish’s appealing scent! 


Kafuli is the highlight of Pahadi dishes and this is not an exaggeration. Both residents and visitors welcome it.

The procedure for producing this winter meal is simple yet unique. It combines spinach, lai, and fenugreek leaves cooked in the perfect embrace of an iron kadhai.

Kafuli is eaten with a sauce prepared from grain or wheat paste, and water is more than just food; it proudly represents the taste of Uttarakhand. Its designation as the State Food of Uttarakhand makes it a gourmet treat. 


Phaanu, which originated in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal area, is a gourmet delight. It may be difficult to prepare, but the end result is always rewarding. This substantial recipe combines an assortment of lentils that have been soaked overnight. 

Phaanu, a soupy stew with fluffy rice, guarantees a satisfying experience. If you ever visit Uttarakhand, you must sample Phaanu, a meal that represents the state’s culinary tradition. 


Baadi is another traditional cuisine from Uttarakhand. It is a light meal suitable for any time of day and has a variety of tastes and vitamins typical of Garhwal cuisine. It’s made by combining Buckwheat Flour with hot water and served with a ghee splash, according to Uttarakhand cuisine.

When touring Uttarakhand and looking to eat something quick yet satisfying, you must not overlook this delicacy.

Kumaoni Raita

Just like the tangy appeal of Bhang ki Chutney, Kumaoni Raita is an absolute must-have alongside any of the traditional Uttarakhandi dishes. Locals like this creamy treat, which blends fresh curd, mild turmeric, and cucumber. 

Aside from its healthful nutrients, it has a flavor that entices the taste senses with every bite. Trust us when we tell you won’t be able to stop after the first mouthful!

Watch your mouth, there. We can see the watering.

But we get it. It is not your fault at all. Uttarakhand’s food makes us hungry.

Now, when you decide to visit Uttarakhand, you know just what to get. Also, don’t forget to tell us what sounded the nicest to you among all of Uttarakhand’s delicious cuisines.


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